The original Farm was built around 1851, and is a fine example of a gentleman farmer's residence. A walk in our fields will bring you to some surprising and impressive views along the Cynon valley. 

Many of the house's original features have been restored, and the house is heated with a combination of wood burning fires and an oil boiler.

We love living here, listening to the stream that runs past the house and the owls that call at night, walking through the forest and across the open land where the wind can take your breath away. The way that the fog sometimes fills the valley floor like a silver lake while we stand under a clear blue sky; or cloaks the house and the hill like a secret. Every day is unique up here.


Mountain Ash Attractions

The Valleys are full of surprises, dramatic natural beauty, country parks and lakes, forests and cycle trails. Although best known for their industrial past, the valleys are green and atttractive, their steep hillsides rising to breezy, untouched mountain tops with wide views across a rollercoaster landscape.

Another surprise is the wealth of attractions, everything from medieval castles to fascinating reminders of a rich industrial heritage.